The purpose of Salt Ministries

To provide individuals ministry opportunities that will empower them, give them unrestricted worship opportunities, and fellowship occasions where they can meet with believers in settings that are non–traditional and encourages them to meet God where they are.

The Need for SALT Ministries

Reasons individuals are leaving churches:

1. Churches seem overprotective.

2. Individuals experience of Christianity is shallow

3. Churches come across as antagonistic to science.

4. Their church experiences related to sexuality are often simplistic and judgmental.

5. They wrestle with the exclusive nature of Christianity

6. The church feels unfriendly to those who doubt.

SALT Vision

To help local congregations remain relevant in the 21st Century with the next generation of believers.


SALT Mission

To engage individuals with the ministry of Jesus the Christ through WORSHIP, FELLOWSHIP and EMPOWERMENT while helping them identify with local congregations.